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  1. Deep Waters: A British Library Crime Classic

Such arguments ignore calls for a move from the endless exploitation of resources to a transformational and circular economy.

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The ISA is unable to conserve deep sea environments from cumulative stresses or protect marine life in the broader ocean that could be impacted by deep sea mining. This highlights the need for governments to agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN next year, to put protection at the heart of managing international waters.

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Exploration licences for deep sea mining have already been granted before a framework of comprehensive protection and a network of sanctuaries has been put in place in international waters. The ISA has consistently sided with development of deep sea mining over marine protection, and is used by mining companies seeking to exploit the seabed as an avenue to gain diplomatic support from governments.

Corporations have begun speaking on behalf of government delegations at ISA meetings, and some government applications for exploration contracts have even been prepared and funded by deep sea mining companies.

Deep Waters: A British Library Crime Classic

To read the full report and see all references please download the report here: In Deep Water: The emerging threat of deep sea mining. Press Release Oceans. Press Release Climate Oceans. Load More.

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