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  1. Mr. America | by Harold Bloom | The New York Review of Books
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Lewis finds newborns hard to love; Waldman hires a maid to clean up after her maid. Lewis tells all—all! I have a baby! I confess! I used to like that conversation. But, hey, sure, amnesty, ovation, whatever gets you through the long, sleepless night. Stages of life are artifacts. Adolescence is a useful contrivance, midlife is a moving target, senior citizens are an interest group, and tweenhood is just plain made up.

Parenthood seems, at first, different. There have always been parents, and parents have always been besotted with their children, awestruck by their impossible beauty, dopey high jinks, and strange little minds. People were living longer, having fewer children, and starting families later in life. By , women bore, on average, just over three children.

In , seventy per cent of American adults lived in households with children under the age of fifteen; by , that number had fallen to fifty-five per cent.

Mr. America | by Harold Bloom | The New York Review of Books

All these changes, aggregated, made parenthood into something different, something big, something planned. By , when Littledale became a mother, parenting had also begun to look especially mystifying to the increasing numbers of people, generally wealthier people, who had not grown up caring for their siblings, neighbors, cousins, and nieces and nephews, and who, it turned out, had no idea how to bathe or dress or soothe a baby.

Looking after babies and little kids is skilled labor, but, as the number of children dwindled, so did the number of adults who had any real skill. In stepped experts, who argued that taking care of children was not just a skill; it was a science. In the eighteen-nineties, the psychologist G.

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Stanley Hall established an American foothold for the academic discipline of child study imported from Europe, along with kindergarten , just as pediatrics was becoming a specialty. The U. As Littledale explained in , the year the American Academy of Pediatrics was founded:. Once it was believed that the very physical fact of parenthood brought with it an instinctive wisdom that enabled one to rear children wisely and well.

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Parents knew best. Today fathers and mothers are unwilling to struggle under such a load of self-imposed omniscience.

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Lewis on the Disappearance of the Individual" by Mark G. Letter from the Kirkpatrick Family. Wilson" presented by Dr. John McCarthy.

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Lewis and Apotheosis" by William L. Notice of Dom Bede Griffiths' death. November: Panel on" Owen Barfield on Lewis. CSL Word Puzzle.

September meeting Report. Editor's Notes. Excerpt from Critical Essays on C. Lewis, edited by George Watson of St. John's College, Cambridge. December meeting report.

C.S. Lewis Bibliography

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Bits and Pieces. Lewis Weekend Program. Two New Letters of C. Greeting from Walter Hooper. Lewis" by William Griffin. Reflections on the Weekend. Thirty-two pages. Poem: "For Eustace" by John Savoie. Double Crostic No. Lewis - Notes in Outline" by Byron Lambert. A Last Look at the Weekend. Lewis" by Fr. Joseph Koterski, S.

Essay presented at the February meeting: "C.

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Lewis and the Natural Law" by Fr. Joseph W. Koterski, S. Veronica Kennedy. Remembrances of Walter Ramshaw. Mark G. McKim presented at the November meeting. McKim; December: Christmas Readings. Reprint of "The Christian Spaceman - C. Lewis" by Edmund Fuller from Horizon. Calabria and C. The Eagle and Child. The Father Christmas Letters of J.