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With contributions from an international group of authors, this volume highlights the current thought in industrial archaeology, as well as explores future theoretical and methodological directions. Industrial Archaeology: Future Directions will be of interest to historical and urban archaeologists, architectural historians, preservation agencies, archaeological consulting organizations, cultural resource managers, and students of these disciplines.

Industrial Archaeology : Future Directions.

Eleanor Casella , James Symonds. Industrial Archaeology Constructing a Framework of Inference. After Industrial Archaeology?


Industrial Archaeology: Future Directions (Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology)

Publishing and Priority in Industrial Archaeology. Cultural Identity and the Consumption of Industry. The impetus for this volume lies in the expansion of interest in Post Medieval archaeology in university, commercial, and voluntary sectors.

Industrial Archaeology or Railway Anthropology?

The study of Post Medieval archaeology is a relatively new discipline but, within archaeology as a whole, it represents one of the fastest growing areas of study. Archaeologists seek to avoid the fragmentation of a still small discipline into subfields such as pre post-medieval archaeology, post industrial archaeology, or the incorporation of theory as somehow outside of the purview of the work of the older organisations.

This important and timely volume brings together articles that consider the commonalties between approaches as well as the unique contributions made by members of each organisation towards the study of the material heritage of the post period. The chapters in the volume derive from a well-attended three day conference held at the University of Leicester in April and sponsored by the Society for Post-medieval Archaeology, the Association for Industrial Archaeology, and the Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group.

The aim of the discussion-focused conference was to foster enhanced understanding and cooperation between the organisations and their approaches; with in-depth consideration of the future of the broader field of historical archaeology. The volume will bring the debate from the conference to a wider academic, professional, and vocational audience and, it is anticipated, will act as a benchmark by which future development will be judged.

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